Laura Smith

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Laura Smith

Laura Smith

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Laura L. Smith is a popular speaker and best-selling author, Smith speaks around the country sharing the love of Christ with women at conferences and events. She shares her own brokenness to write ‘Restore My Soul: The Power and Promise of 30 Psalms’, offering much-needed comfort and hope for others who are feeling broken and scared in a strife-torn world. She has selected 30 of the Bible’s best-known psalms, including

  • Psalm 1
  • Psalm 23
  • Psalm 51
  • Psalm 119
  • Psalm 150

Through her transparent, thoughtful reflections and a careful study of Scripture, Laura shares how experiencing these psalms allows her to open up to God about everything and turn her troubles into a time of worship. With an interactive Restore segment at the end of each chapter and a Spotify playlist at the back of the book to go along with each psalm, she invites readers to let the Psalms have a similar effect in their lives. For Smith, Restore My Soul comes from a very personal and broken place. “I’ve been searching my whole life for beauty,” she says. “Not in the world—the world is filled with beauty. But beauty in me? Well, that was another story.”

Growing up, Laura’s father repeatedly told her how ugly and awkward she was. How clumsy and gangly she was. How her voice was too high and too loud. He left her family numerous times over the years. Laura reflects now: “As a little girl I couldn’t understand that my dad was the one struggling. I felt when he left, he was leaving me—that I wasn’t good enough . . . and that I would never be good enough.” Through high school and college and beyond, Laura jumped on the performance treadmill in desperation to find approval, love, acceptance. She also gave her heart away over and over again to various guys, hoping they would love her. “Each time there was a breakup,” she says, “it just reminded me how unlovable I was. I felt even more ugly, more clumsy, and more desperate.” At an extremely low point after college, God bent down and picked her up, reminding Laura that she was beautiful because He’d made her. He showed her that not only was she lovable—but fully loved. Always had been. Always would be. Despite what she’d done. Despite what she’d believed. “He restored my soul,” she says. “And it was in this soul restoration, this discovering of my true beauty, that I realized my voice had been muffled for too long. And now I use my voice to share what I learned: That each of is marvelously made by the Creator of the universe to inspire awe.

No matter what the world tells you, no matter what you tell yourself, no one can rob you of the incredible true identity God has instilled in you. No one can cancel His great love for you.” The Psalms help her remember these truths. “No matter what the psalmists experienced or felt,” she says, “God was with them. He was faithful. He hemmed them in, picked them up, reminded them that they were fearfully and wonderfully made, stood over them like a watchman, led them to green pastures, and yes, restored their souls. He does the same for you and me.” Restore My Soul: The Power and Promise of 30 Psalms is available July 5, 2022 everywhere books are sold.

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