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a podcast for women, with your host, Cheryl Scruggs

Many women feel overwhelmed with the chaos of life and lack what they need to truly thrive. Our podcast and online community provides women with encouragement and support to better manage their stress, create healthy relationships, and build a life to thrive beyond belief.


Latest Podcasts

Jenny Albers on Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs

Jenny Albers

1024 576 Thriving Beyond Belief

Using Scripture and personal narrative, Courageously Expecting empathizes with and empowers women to face a pregnancy after loss with faith and courage, despite inevitable feelings of grief and fear that accompany life after losing a baby. Pregnancy is widely regarded as the most joyful time in a woman’s life, but for the mother who has experienced pregnancy loss, a subsequent pregnancy can feel like she’s…

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Nicole Zasowski on Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs

Nicole Zasowski

1024 576 Thriving Beyond Belief

What If It’s Wonderful? Author and marriage and family therapist Nicole Zasowski knows that it’s difficult to trust joy and find the courage to celebrate when you have endured seasons of disappointment and despair. When God has been your faithful anchor in the storm, does joy then leave you unmoored? Nicole reminds us that we can stay tethered to the hope of Christ in seasons…

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Kathie Lee Gifford on Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs

Kathie Lee Gifford

1024 576 Thriving Beyond Belief

“Imperfect follower of Jesus and really imperfect mother to two amazing human beings! Grateful to be able to do what I love!” – KLG New York Times bestselling author Kathie Lee Gifford reveals heartwarming, entertaining conversations between people and personalities who both agree and disagree about who Jesus is, his role throughout history, and his presence in our lives today. For decades Kathie Lee has…

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Sheryl Giesbrecht Turner

Sheryl Giesbrecht Turner

1024 576 Thriving Beyond Belief

All of us are products of our upbringing and experiences, and whether we realize it or not, have come to believe things that aren’t actually true. Those false beliefs hold us back. They are like recordings that constantly play in our minds, condemning us, accusing us, shaming us, and blaming us. Is it possible to silence these thoughts in our heads that have tied us…

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Cheryl & Jeff Scruggs

SOLO Episode with host, Cheryl Scruggs

1024 768 Thriving Beyond Belief

My interview this week is a solo episode with myself, host, Cheryl Scruggs. Join me as I talk about thriving along with physical abundance.  Resources Social Media Links TWITTER: @tbb_podcast FACEBOOK: /thrivingbeyondbelief INSTAGRAM: @cherylscruggs

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REPLAY: Jamie Ivey

1024 683 Thriving Beyond Belief

 My interview this week is with Jamie Ivey. Jamie hosts a podcast called The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, she lives in Austin, TX, is a wife to Aaron, and together they have four kids under the age of 13. On the podcast this week I want to focus on an incredible book Jamie just finished writing entitled If You Only Knew: My Unlikely,…

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193 Stacey Morgan

Stacey Morgan

1024 576 Thriving Beyond Belief

How Launching My Husband into Outer Space Changed the Way I Live on Earth Stacey Morgan is always ready with a funny or thoughtful story from her own life; whether it be holding down the home front during her husband’s Special Forces military deployments, carpooling, working for the Smithsonian, skydiving, teaching her teens to drive, taking roller-skating lessons, or watching as her husband blasts into…

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Francine Rivers on Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs.psd

Francine Rivers

1024 576 Thriving Beyond Belief

THE Francine Rivers! New York Times bestselling author Francine Rivers has published numerous novels—all bestsellers—and she has continued to win both industry acclaim and reader loyalty around the globe. Her novels have been awarded or nominated for many honors, and in 1997, after winning her third RITA Award for inspirational fiction, Francine was inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame. In 2015,…

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Michelle Caulk & Sandi Brown on Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs

Michelle Caulk & Sandi Brown

1024 576 Thriving Beyond Belief

Sandi Brown, the founder and president of the largest Christian radio ministry in St. Louis, JOY FM, bravely reached out to a local therapist in 2019 as she loved God but did not like herself. Brown vulnerably opened-up to Dr. Michelle Caulk and for the first time spoke out loud about her past trauma, abuse, and struggle with self-love. The new book Healing Out Loud: How to…

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Dr. Daniel Emina & Rick Lawrence

1024 576 Thriving Beyond Belief

Psychiatrist and Ministry Leader Combine Their Clinical and Jesus-Centered Practices to Help End Suicide Epidemic Associate Medical Director of Amen Clinics and Bestselling Christian Author Collaborate to Offer Strategies to Improve Brain Health in New Book, The Suicide Solution. “There has never been a more important time in history for The Suicide Solution. It is written with practical solutions that provide a new way forward for this epidemic…

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