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We provide unique resources, insights, & information for women around the globe

The 'Power Problem'

According to the UN, Women’s representation among corporate managers, legislators and senior officials remains low, with only about half of countries having shares of women in managerial positions of 30 per cent or more, and none reaching or surpassing parity. The gender compositions of executive boards of private companies are nowhere near parity—meaning that the “glass ceiling” remains a reality for the vast majority of the world’s women.

That's why we created Thriving Beyond Belief

Guiding women to be courageous, rooted & purposeful.

We are a non-profit organization, designed for today’s woman in hopes of helping you to navigate common and uncommon business, life, and faith-related issues.


Cheryl Scruggs

Cheryl Scruggs, the host of the Thriving Beyond Belief podcast loves bring a wife, mom, MoMo (grandma), friend, podcast host, Biblical marriage counselor, author and speaker. She loves hanging out with her family, cooking, Peloton-ing, writing, chatting, learning and digesting God’s Word! She loves to try new things, be adventurous, and love on others!

She and her husband, Jeff, are the founders of Hope Matters Marriage Ministries and the authors of the book, I Do Again: How We Found a Second Chance at Our Marriage–and You Can Too.

Thriving Beyond Belief