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108: Kelly Minter

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This week on the Thriving Beyond Belief podcast, Kelly Minter!


“My parents raised me along with my three younger siblings in Northern Virginia, which is an important distinction because it means D.C. metro, traffic, and politics more than the Blue Ridge Mountains. In the Minter home, although our family didn’t always get it right, we mostly got it real. As a child, I struggled with acute anxiety and waves of depression before I or the people around me had much language or help for such things. The Word of God became my balm. This is one of the reasons I love the Bible so.

In my twenties, I moved to the Nashville after signing a record deal. Soon after unloading all my belongings, I got used to the perks of the south—a then slower pace and novelties like cheese grits. If I’d written the rest of the story, the next few paragraphs would include the heights of happiness and fulfillment as a result of success and notoriety. But that’s not what happened.

I poured myself into three records—but instead of fame and fortune, pretty much everything I’d put my hope in unraveled before me. I eventually ended up with an opportunity to write a book, which is now out of print—so that went well, too. I was looking to people, career paths, and success to fill me, but whatever splashed into my bucket only leaked out. I had a bunch of those ‘cracked cisterns’ in my heart that are mentioned in Jeremiah—the kind that obviously don’t hold water. Maybe you can relate?

Around that time LifeWay asked if I’d be interested in writing a Bible study. I was equal parts thrilled and overwhelmed by the opportunity. (This was around the same time when I’d run into people I hadn’t seen in a while and they’d say encouraging things like, “Oh do you still live here?”) Since the Lord was deconstructing just about every false god I had in my life at the time, I wrote about what I knew and what I needed to learn—the idols I was trusting for worth and meaning. I thought it a good idea to invite real people to my house to pilot the material I was writing—people who would tell me the truth. We cooked and ate together, dug through Bible passages with intensity, prayed with one another, and laughed for hours. (That was before everyone started having kids). Shortly thereafter, No Other Gods was published.

What followed, quite unexpectedly for me, were invitations to speak at churches across the country, a few more books, teaching local Bible studies, and the opportunity to lead worship at my home church and abroad. So did a trip down the Amazon in a riverboat.  As in…the real one in the jungle, my friends.

I’d been invited on a riverboat adventure to serve the forgotten people of the jungle. My comfortable, western lifestyle and mindset was challenged at every turn. Since then, I’ve traveled to the jungle numerous times with an organization called Justice & Mercy International, and I’ve since written a book about it. I sit on the board of JMI, and I’m a passionate supporter and participant of their annual jungle pastors’ conference. The invitation to be on mission with God, both here and abroad, is one of the greatest joys of my life.

Today I’m grateful for the opportunities to study and teach the Word of God—the very words that have changed my life. I’m also thankful to be singing and writing music, bringing it all together at an event called Cultivate. Other joys include teaching the Bible to the younger generation and serving them coffee in weighty diner mugs (the younger generation must understand the weight of the diner mug—pun absolutely intended). I adore community, which naturally means I’m zealous for all things food, cooking, and gardening. I’ve adopted the southern love of college football. I am an ecstatic aunt of six nieces and nephews who say things like, “You’re the best Kelly ever,” even when I don’t feel like it. In all things, I delight in the person of Jesus in whom is found the only redemption this world has ever known. My joy is to know Him, talk about Him, and teach the Word that is all about Him.

As you wander over these webpages and maybe even go through a book or Bible study, I hope you taste the sweet joy of Jesus and feel a warm welcome from Nashville.

– Kelly




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107: Lauren Scruggs Kennedy

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This week on the Thriving Beyond Belief podcast, my sweet daughter, Lauren Scruggs Kennedy!

Lauren and her twin sister, Brittany, were born in Redondo Beach! Raised in Dallas, Texas she calls herself a California girl whose roots are deep in the heart of Texas.

Lauren loves Jesus, her hubby, Jason Kennedy, her family, friends and clean living!

And that’s what this episode is about! We are going to talk about Lauren’s The Clean Sweep program!

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy on Thriving Beyond Belief

Lauren is beyond thrilled to offer this three-month program to you– Now $89.99 (after Dec 25th $129)! It is an organized, thorough guidebook to help lead you on a journey toward clean living by diving deeply into food, products, and healthy practices.

She has gathered everything she knows about wellness from her years of extensive research and personal experience and put it into a 90-day informational program, The Clean Sweep, of understandable and practical ways to improve your health.

She is a big believer in the importance of proper food choices, products, and practices, but she wants to stress that implementing everything perfectly is unrealistic. It took her quite some time to transition into this lifestyle, and it takes patience, grace and endurance along the way!

This process included swapping out toxic products one by one for clean options that still get the job done, figuring out which foods gave her a healthy gut, glowing skin, mental clarity, and significant energy, and discovering which practices provide physical healing as well as tools against anxiety, stress, and fear.

Oh! And it is important to remember how personal this journey is; what is great for one may not be great for another. She would love for you to enter into this daily resource filled with encouragement, grocery lists, recipes, the ins and outs of celery juice, exclusive interviews with health professionals, a private FB page for you and those around you who are journeying with you (including a monthly FB Live where I will answer your questions), and a shop of all of the products, supplements, and books she recommends to make this process as easy as possible, and so much more!



  • Educating yourself on clean living– food, products and practices takes time but worth it!
  • Be patient with yourself, but move towards clean living. You won’t regret it!
  • Want a more vibrant life: check out The Clean Sweep!

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The Clean Sweep Program (Instant Download)

Get $40 off if you order before December 25th, 2019

025: Jason and Lauren Scruggs Kennedy

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I am beyond excited to have three of my favorite people on the podcast today. My guests are my awesome husband Jeff, my sweet daughter Lauren, and my dear son-in-law, Jason.

We spent the weekend together and had such a fun time telling stories and talking about the challenges of relationships and marriage. In this interview, Jason and Lauren talk about adjusting to being newly married, how they find creative ways to stay connected, work through fears, and learn to balance life with friends and family.

We laugh about mistakes Jason and Lauren have experienced the first year of their marriage, had a very lively conversation about ways to keep a sense of humor every day, and shared how important it is to surround yourself with a strong Christian community.

On a fun note, I asked Jason and Lauren who Molly and Sam are? Their answer is completely off the wall and is just hilarious.

I hope you find inspiration in our conversation, I truly enjoyed our time together.

Here’s my interview with Jason & Lauren Kennedy, and my husband Jeff.


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001: Lauren Scruggs-Kennedy

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Today on the TBB podcast is one of my sweet twin daughters, Lauren Scruggs Kennedy!

Lauren and I  first met in 1988, when she and her twin sister, Brittany were born to her dad and I at Southbay Hospital in Redondo Beach, CA!

Lauren was born in Redondo Beach, CA but raised in Dallas, so she calls herself a California girl whose roots are deep in the heart of Texas.

In December 2011, Lauren’s life was forever changed. She was hit by an airplane plane propeller; which resulted in a brain injury and the loss of her left eye and left hand. Lauren began to realize that brokenness can be beautiful, even amidst unexpected suffering and pain.

Lauren became the bride of Jason Kennedy, co-host of E!News in 2014, which also made her a new resident to beautiful California. She is a lifestyle blogger, the co-author with her family of the book “Still LoLo” and sole author of her book, “Your Beautiful Heart”!

She is the Founder of, a lifestyle blog rooted in balance- igniting honest talk and celebrating stories. LSK is a haven of positivity including posts on healthy living, clean beauty, delicious recipes, relationship talk, style updates, shopping ideas, and so much more.

She and her team recently launched the Lauren Scruggs Kennedy Foundation this past Dec 2016, which exists to bring hope, restore dignity, and ignite faith in girls and women with limb loss by providing beautiful cosmetic coverings for prostheses.

She also just launched, along with her twin, Brittany and Brittany’s husband Shaun, and her best friend, a loose powder dry shampoo for all hair types called Stranded.

Lauren became an aunt, affectionately called “Aunt Lolo” to her niece Kate last Oct!

Here is my interview with Lauren Scruggs Kennedy!




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