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007: Marian Jordan Ellis

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On the podcast today my guest is Marian Jordan Ellis.  Marian lives in San Antonio, Texas with her family, but would describe herself as a Houstonian at heart.  She is a Bible teacher, author of several books for women, and the founder of Redeemed Girl Ministries.

In our interview, we talk about the times you know you are thriving and also the real struggle when you are not thriving.  Marian talks about finding God’s peace and favor when you are doing what you are uniquely called to do. But, she understands the emptiness you can feel when you look at someone else’s life, or question whether you should be doing what they are doing.   Marian shares that it has been, at times, difficult to thrive having a baby at 43 years old and has struggled to find “normal” again.   

At the age of twenty five, Marian found her identity in searching for men, the corporate world, and things.  One night, as she looked into the bottom of an empty martini glass, she knew her life was just that, empty.  A friend invited her to attend a church service and it was there that she heard the beauty of the gospel for the first time.  She fell head over heals in love with Jesus.  God redeemed her and so many things from her past, she knew she had to share this with other women. As she began a more purposeful walk with the Lord, Marian was called to start Redeemed Girl Ministries for women.  

Marian is now on tour for her new book Stand.  Her message is “we must rise up against darkness, temptation, persecution, and stop listening to the voice of rejection, and the lies of the enemy saying you are unloveable. Until the love of God is your chief identity and source, no other love is sufficient enough.  Who Jesus says you are should be at the deepest core of your identity.  It doesn’t matter how many followers you have on Instagram or what size you wear, the question should be, do you have the love of Jesus in your heart? Until this is settled within you, and you can say, I am who Jesus says I am, I am loved, beloved, free, and forgiven you will live unsettled.”

Marian Jordan Ellis is currently on her book tour across the country.  You can find her at Redeemed Girl or download the Redeemed Girl app.

Here’s my interview with Marian Jordan Ellis.

CLICK HERE to tune into my interview with Marian Jordan Ellis.

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