182: Kyle DiRoberts

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Kyle DiRoberts

Kyle DiRoberts

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Kyle’s days and weeks consist of academics, the church, and writing. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.

For the academic side of life, this takes place at Arizona Christian University. He’s the department chair and associate professor of biblical and theological studies.

As for writing, in order to find this time, he have to be creative. Typically, he gets up before everyone else in my house and write. This is some of his favorite moments throughout the day. Currently, he writes a lot about God’s grace.


His first book is highly academic. His dad complained a lot about this. He always reminds him that he couldn’t even read the introduction!

The book was actually his dissertation that was eventually published. The title is, Prayer, Middle Knowledge, and Divine-Human Interaction, and it’s used as a resource in seminaries and universities. In addition, he’s published over 20 articles and book reviews in scholarly journals.

He’s most excited about his recent book, The Secret to Prayer: 31 Days to a More Intimate Relationship With God. It was inspired by Andrew Murray’s words, “The secret of secrets: humility is the soul of true prayer.”


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