180: Johnny Agar

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Johnny Agar

Johnny Agar

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Born prematurely, Johnny has cerebral palsy and is mostly confined to a wheelchair. He has participated for several years in numerous myTeamTriumph (mTT) 5Ks, Marathons and Triathlons being pushed by able-bodied athletes. Inspired by mTT, Johnny and his Dad began doing 5Ks, marathons and triathlons on their own. This ultimately led to Johnny setting a goal most would have thought to be impossible. He wanted to walk a mile in a race. Up to that point, his longest “walk” aided by a walker was 20 steps. Through hard work and a habilitative-educational program called the Conductive Learning Center in Grand Rapids, MI, he competed in his first race using his walker. This 5K was covered by local media, WOOD TV8, and soon gained national attention when it was featured on ESPN’s E:60 show which chronicled his transition from wheelchair-bound participant to actually competing as he finished the “Final Mile”.


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