Dr. Kim Allen

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Dr. Kim Allen

Dr. Kim Allen

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Dr. Kim Allen is an accomplished professional in Information Technology, Education, and Spiritual Leadership. With specialties in planning, professional development, adult education, and small group leadership, she develops and presents curricula, mentors women who need technical skills to return to the workplace and assists other spiritual leaders in facilitating life-changing materials. Dr. Allen has provided curriculum resources worldwide.

Kim is a graduate of the Executive Leadership for Information Technology Excellence (ELITE) program sponsored by the Governor’s Center for Information Technology Professionals in the state of Texas. She also participated in developing the State of Texas Strategic Plan for Network Resources. Dr. Allen participated in the review of the State of Texas high school Computer Science curriculum for textbook adoption.

Through experiences she never believed possible, God used her unique understanding of business principles and attention to detail to advance her career and relationships simultaneously. Her dreams now continue to include adult education and leading small groups. As a Christian businesswoman, God opened many doors and used others to speak truth into her life while mentoring her to bravely face challenges in her educational endeavors, overcome adversity, and help others work toward spiritual transformation. While Dr. Allen has facilitated and presented in large groups, her passion is in small-group settings.

Kim and her husband enjoy traveling, fishing, and the beauty of nature found in outdoor activities. However, she considers her most significant accomplishment is seeing transformation in the lives of others.



CHERYL SCRUGGS is the host of the Thriving Beyond Belief podcast. She and her husband, Jeff, are doing life together and thriving in Dallas, Texas.


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