Daniel Ritchie

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Daniel Ritchie

Daniel Ritchie

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Author and Speaker Daniel Ritchie Helps Christians Cultivate Patience in ‘Endure’

Born Without Arms, Ritchie Combines His Personal Experience with Biblical Truth to Encourage Readers to Run the Race

In a culture permeated by the “microwave mentality” and accustomed to getting what we want instantaneously, author and speaker Daniel Ritchie reminds Jesus followers of the importance of patience.

Born without arms, Ritchie has spent his entire life living in a world meant for hands without having the benefit of them. Everything he learned to do in his formative years was an uphill battle of trial and error. While there were several victories, he notes he was marked by consistent failure.

Ritchie’s life radically changed at the age of 15 when he accepted Christ. While he admits failure was still a very present part of his life, so was his strong God.

“The circumstances that triggered my inner wounds were still the same, but I now had a way of navigating it all with hope,” said Ritchie. “There was no instantaneous fix to the issues of my life, but there was an instant Advocate and Lord with me through it all. My initial assumptions about the speed at which God was going to change my brokenness were totally wrong, but that did not mean He was distant from me. It only meant that He was at work in my life by His means and His timeline. And that is a good thing.”

Using his own personal experiences interwoven with case studies of three biblical men whose patience was tried by God – Paul, Abraham and Joseph – Ritchie helps readers of “Endure” understand how patience is necessary for the Christian life.

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