Cheryl Scruggs

The Lost Art of Resting

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Cheryl Scruggs

Cheryl Scruggs

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I explore the essential yet often overlooked practice of resting, a cornerstone of thriving in all facets of life. Through personal reflection and experiences, I emphasize the multi-dimensional aspects of rest—spiritual, emotional, and physical—that together, support a vibrant and fulfilling existence.

  • Spiritual Rest: I delve into the importance of reconnecting with one’s spiritual roots to find peace and direction. I share how moments of solitude, prayer, and meditation not only rejuvenate the spirit but also fortify us against life’s tumults. It’s about creating spaces to listen and respond to what God might be whispering to our hearts.
  • Emotional Rest: Here, I discuss the necessity of emotional boundaries to maintain balance and health. I talk about the power of saying no and the freedom found in prioritizing personal mental health. Through practices like journaling and engaging in meaningful conversations, I’ve found ways to declutter my emotional world, making room for more authentic joy and less imposed stress.
  • Physical Rest: I emphasize how vital it is to respect our bodies through restorative practices. Whether it’s committing to regular sleep schedules, integrating gentle exercises like yoga, or simply taking time to breathe deeply, I highlight the importance of listening to our physical needs and responding with kindness and care.
  • Integrating Rest into Everyday Life: I conclude the chapter with practical strategies for incorporating rest into a bustling lifestyle. I share how small pockets of rest can be seamlessly woven into the fabric of our daily routines, enhancing overall well-being without compromising our commitments and productivity.


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