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005: Chelsea Smith

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Today on the podcast is Chelsea Smith. She is married to Judah, they have three kids, and together she and Judah are the Lead Pastors of The City Church in Seattle, Washington. The City Church is down to earth, authentic and humorous!

In my interview, Chelsea and I talk about growing personally and spiritually. As we grow in these areas, it should be slow and steady, which is exactly what God intended.

I absolutely love the fun ministry Chelsea started earlier this year, Marriage Mondays. The idea dropped in her heart to start posting #MarriageMonday which came out of a wave of hearing stories about so many struggling marriages. Her thoughts are quirky, fun, and serious, as she talks about marriage and admits “marriage is hard,” but says having a foundation in Jesus helps make it work.

On a serious note, we talked about fear and how this powerful emotion wants to get inside your heart and become a recording that we play over and over. Chelsea humbly shares a season in her life where she became so fearful that it created a desire to escape life’s pressures and potentially could have led to unhealthy and destructive patterns in her life and marriage.

Switching gears, I asked Chelsea her thoughts about Social Media. Very candidly, she shares “that it is a fight to use this powerful tool correctly, and if we are not careful we can begin comparing ourselves to others instead of focusing on doing our life well.”

We talk about vulnerability and Chelsea shares how she and her husband Judah, choose to be vulnerable to others and to fight to show they aren’t perfect. They choose to “stay real”. Chelsea is open about their marriage, sex, and how to help the other person when “their love tank is empty.” Her advice about marriage is to be romantic with your spouse, be willing to gain understanding in different seasons of life, and read Proverbs for wisdom!

Here is my interview with Chelsea Smith.


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