187: Andi Andrew

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Andi Andrew

Andi Andrew

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I love (in no particular order), date nights, being a momma, Taco Tuesday, going to the movies with the fam (popcorn with extra butter and peanut M&Ms – always), good reports at our Staff Meeting, dancing at weddings until they kick me off the dance floor, a good historical fiction novel that makes me think and cry, worship, baking, long deep chats that bring change and revelation, reconciliation, the Word of God, prayer, hosting parties (when I’m not feeling introverted), Central Park in Fall, walking my dog in our neighborhood, vacation with my crew, building the church in any way I can, writing, creating, 80’s music, working out, coffee, kombucha, green juice and trying new food.

Here’s a little bit about Andi:

“I was born and raised in Spokane, Washington, and in 2002, met, fell in love with, and married my husband Paul (aka Paul Hot Andrew) in Sydney, Australia where I lived for nearly 10 years. My first three children were born on Aussie soil – pretty much back to back – three kids under the age of three (I’m sweating again just thinking about it). In May of 2010, our family sold almost everything we owned, bar a few keepsakes and clothes of course, packed up our lives and moved to New York City to establish Liberty Church, now a growing church with multiple communities in the city and beyond. We weren’t done having kids just yet, until the one and only American born Samuel Malachi came in to our lives in 2012 (Sam for President). We currently reside in Brooklyn, New York with our four children, Ezekiel (Zeke) Benjamin, Jesse Freedom, Finley Grace, and Samuel Malachi.”

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