Amber Lia

Food Triggers

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Amber Lia: Food Triggers

Amber Lia: Food Triggers

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About Amber:

Born and raised in California, I love the combination of city life and outdoor living that is ideal for a Boy-Mom who is raising men.

Raised in a home that taught the Bible, table manners, and a love for the beach, I find myself passing those ideals on to the next generation. (Though with four sons, table manners are always a work in progress!)

More than anything, I want to live up to my God-given potential. And I want that for my friends, family, readers, and clients too! That’s why I write about gentle parenting, thriving marital relationships, and how to live a healthy lifestyle — all with practical and biblical truth!

Personally, my most cherished moments are when I’m reading and praying in my hammock, sipping sparkling water, while talking on the phone with a close friend, or spending long slow days at the beach with my family to rest and rejuvenate.

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