Amanda Porter

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Amanda Porter

Amanda Porter

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Dr. Amanda Porter is an introvert and writer who is passionate about faith, hope, mental wellness, and recovery. As a nurse practitioner who specializes in Integrative Mental Health, Amanda diagnoses, treats, and prescribes medication to patients of all ages, of every diagnosis, and across all levels of care. She is board-certified in internal medicine, psychiatry/mental health, and addictions and practices at the nationally renowned Lindner Center of HOPE, a freestanding mental health center associated with the local academic medial center, the University of Cincinnati.

Amanda earned her PhD in Mind-Body Medicine from Saybrook University, where her dissertation studies examined the biological basis of depression. She lives in a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio, with her husband, Joseph, who is a filmmaker and director at Whitewater Crossing Christian Church. Together, Amanda and Joseph have two kids, a boxer mix named Marley, and a COVID cat named Izzy.

In her new book, Dear Anxiety, Let’s Break Up (BroadStreet®
Publishing), Dr. Porter offers education, encouragement, and spiritual
counsel to those who battle anxiety. We cannot always control our circumstances or our futures, but
Dr. Porter assures readers that feelings of anxiety can be managed through our thoughts, behaviors,
and actions.

Many Christians question whether anxiety is a sin and wonder why, despite prayer and faith, it so
often persists. We must remember that God can use our struggles to develop our character, draw us
closer to him, and guide us to truth through prayer and Scripture (Rom. 8:26–28).
In Dear Anxiety, Let’s Break Up, Dr. Porter offers scientifically supported coping strategies,
spiritual guidance, and refreshing encouragement to help readers discover personal freedom. Topics
• Gratitude: Practicing gratitude will soothe anxiety and redirect our thoughts to positivity
and God. We can learn to manage feelings of worry and sadness with reminders of progress
and gratefulness.
• Mindfulness: When we slow down and practice mindfulness, we can focus our attention,
intention, and awareness on the task in front of us. Rather than allowing our emotions to
rule our lives and overwhelm us, we can choose to be calm and trust God in our
• Presence: When we feel overwhelmed, we may feel the urge to isolate, but that’s when we
should seek the presence of trusted loved ones who can offer us comfort or pray with us.
• Healing: Our focus should be on healing, not finding a cure. We may never fully eradicate
the symptoms of anxiety, but through hard work and commitment, we can find healing,
peace, and acceptance.
Dr. Porter has found that many people mistake anxiety as a sin and consequently experience
feelings of guilt. Although anxiety sometimes occurs as a result of our sins, specifically as
consequences of poor choices, we can learn to minimize our anxiety levels by making good
decisions, praying, receiving input from trusted sources, and surrounding ourselves with other
people who make good decisions.
Dr. Porter further encourages those who have grown weary in their search for relief to push forward,
trust God, and choose faith over fear. She reminds us that our victory is found in Jesus, and through
him we can transform a life of anxiety into one of peace and abundance.

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