188: Allie Marie Smith

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Allie Marie Smith

Allie Marie Smith

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Do you ever wonder why you’re here, contemplate the purpose of your life or find it hard to push back the darkness?

Allie knows how hard it is to be a girl or woman in our world today. She was the good girl and scholar athlete hiding behind a smile as she worked overtime to keep it all together. But at the age of eighteen, she came undone. Two weeks after she graduated high school, due to a mental health challenge and many complexities, she found herself in the psychiatric hospital wanting to end my life.

She was as broken as a girl could be. Jesus found her there and though her journey has been full of detours and breakdowns, she lives loved by the God who has mended the broken pieces of her life together and given her more purpose and joy than she ever could have imagined.

As an author and the Founder and Director of Wonderfully Made, a Christian ministry for young women, she spends her days writing, speaking and helping girls and women live into their true value and identity.

She’s a California girl and lover of bluegrass who is always covered in dog hair. She loves to surf and adventure up and down the golden coast with her husband Paul and their Golden Retriever Gidget.

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