137: Banning Liebscher

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137: Banning Liebscher

137: Banning Liebscher

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Today on the Thriving Beyond Belief podcast, Banning Liebscher!

Banning Liebscher is a pastor, speaker, and author. Along with his wife, SeaJay, he founded Jesus Culture, a ministry of worship, conferences, and leadership development. In 2014, they planted Jesus Culture Sacramento, a church in California with a passion to see people fully engaged in becoming who God has called them to be and to do what God has called them to do.

In his new book, The Three-Mile Walk: The Courage You Need to Live the Life God Wants for You, Jesus Culture founder and pastor Banning Liebscher will empower you to rise up from your comfort zone and instead step into a life of passionate purpose and unshakable faith.

With a heart-stirring message and compelling stories, Liebscher provides practical guidance to be and do all that God has called you to. The Three-Mile Walk draws from the biblical story of Jonathan, who, after a treacherous three-mile hike, boldly stepped into battle and watched God work a stunning victory in the midst of impossible odds. Likewise, Liebscher presents the three essential attributes you need to fully engage your mission—holiness, courage, and faith—and the steps you can follow to incorporate them into your life today.

In his power-packed, memorable style, Liebscher offers fresh insights and instruction for answering your calling with a courageous yes, and setting out on the journey you were made for.
“If you are a follower of Jesus, you have sensed that voice inside you saying, This is it. This is what you were made for,” writes Liebscher. “You have heard the call of God on your life. If you haven’t, then my prayer is that while reading this book, you will experience a marking moment that stirs your heart and ignites courage to follow Jesus with all of your heart. If you have had that moment, then my prayer is this: I want you to fully engage the call of God on your life. We are at our best when we are fully engaged in becoming who God has called us to become and doing what God has called us to do.”

Changing the world is going to be tough, surprising, and more fulfilling than you can imagine. In The Three-Mile Walk, you’ll find the courage you need to rise up and walk it out.

Banning Liebscher is on staff at Bethel Church in Redding, California. He and his wife, SeaJay, are the directors of Jesus Culture, a ministry dedicated to mobilizing, equipping, activating, and sending a new breed of revivalists worldwide.

Revival in our Day sermon form 7/5/2020: https://jesusculture.tv/videos/357



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