136: Dr. Helen McIntosh & Blythe Daniel

Mother/Daughter Relationship

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136: Dr. Helen McIntosh & Blythe Daniel

136: Dr. Helen McIntosh & Blythe Daniel

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Mother/Daughter Relationship

Today on the Thriving Belief Podcast, on mother/daughter relationships, Dr. Helen McIntosh and Blythe Daniel.

Are You Struggling with a Difficult Mother-Daughter Relationship?
Dr. Helen McIntosh and Daughter, Blythe Daniel, Provide Tools
to Help You Restore What Needs Mended!

Relationships between mothers and daughters can be messy and hurtful. Dr. Helen McIntosh understands the uncertainty of a strained relationship and the scars that can develop. Raised by a mother who battled anxiety, anger, and alcoholism, Helen struggled to understand her mom’s verbal abuse, thinking something was wrong with her.

Years later, after becoming a Doctor of Counseling Psychology, Helen recognized she did the best she could with what she knew about her mother. She had a deep desire to help other women hurt by their mother-daughter relationship and to raise her daughter Blythe differently by maintaining a good relationship with her.

Today, Helen and Blythe, who is a mother of two daughters, have a close and healthy mother-daughter bond achieved through much effort and repairs.

In Mended: Restoring the Hearts of Mothers and Daughters (Harvest House Publishers), they share how they’ve built, guarded, and renewed a relationship-centered around respecting, listening, then talking. They walk readers through the steps to restoring what’s between you and include specific conversation starters that are open-handed and welcoming, using grace-filled words with each other. They also show how to experience freedom when you aren’t able to talk with the person you want to be mended with.

Helen and Blythe address topics such as:
• How to choose the relationship above your difference of opinion
• How to focus on your relationship and not change or control the other
• How to recognize and remove behaviors that have carried over from generations
• Confront hurts in the present without having to go back through all the mess
• Learning the life skill and the scripts for when you need to make repairs
• What to do when reconciliation is not possible
• Experience healing when your mother or daughter is no longer in your life

As they show readers how to mend relationships in their current place, Helen and Blythe also teach readers to recognize and remove behaviors in their family for their relationships now and in the future. “Whatever you focus on, you run the risk of repeating,” Helen says, recognizing how the words she heard growing up impacted her actions and anxieties as a mom and the importance of replacing damaging generational patterns with new, healthy patterns for your family.


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