125: Paula Faris

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125: Paula Faris, ABC News Correspondent and host of the top-rated ABC News Journeys of Faith podcast

125: Paula Faris, ABC News Correspondent and host of the top-rated ABC News Journeys of Faith podcast

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This week on the Thriving Beyond Belief podcast: Paula Faris, ABC News Correspondent and host of the top-rated ABC News Journeys of Faith podcast!

Paula reveals why she left two dream jobs on network television to pursue God’s calling for her life in the new book, Called Out: Why I Traded Two Dream Jobs for a Life of True Calling.

in the book, Faris opens up about her time as co-anchor of ABC’s “Good Morning America Weekend” and details her experiences as a co-host on the daytime talk show “The View.” She left both jobs in 2018 because she wanted to spend more time with her husband and three children, but soon entered a season of “hell” in which she dealt with health issues and was uncertain about her purpose in life.

While she initially felt lost after leaving those to jobs, Faris  came to the revelation that it was time to follow what God was calling her to do. She now hosts ABC’s “Journeys of Faith” podcast and works as a senior national correspondent for the network.

Topics include:

  • Why I traded two dream jobs for a life of God’s calling and purpose
  • How to move past the fear that’s holding you back
  • 3 ways to determine if you’re in the right vocation
  • The importance between distinguishing between your faith calling and our vocational calling
  • How to determine if God is calling you to do something different than what you’re doing now
  • How do we know when God is trying to get our attention?
  • Who we are outside of our jobs
  • The incremental changes that will lead you to a healthier approach to your job and career

“It’s my belief that everything we do serves as a vehicle to share who we are—people loved by God and called to love God and share his love with the people of this world. And if we’re going to live a life of meaning and purpose, we have to make our faith calling our priority.”

In Called Out, readers will discover the difference between their faith and vocational callings, how to move past the fear that holds them back, and be encouraged by others’ stories of overcoming obstacles to walk a path of purpose.

Paula Faris is a senior national correspondent at ABC News and host of the popular podcast Journeys of Faith with Paula Faris, which gives an intimate look at how some of the world’s most influential people lean on faith and spirituality in the best and worst of times. An Emmy Award-winning journalist, Paula previously was co-anchor of the Good Morning America weekend edition, as well as a co-host of The View. She attends Hillsong Church and lives in NYC.

Instagram: @paulafaris

Twitter: @paulafaris

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Paula-Faris-114098918623302/

New book, Called Out: https://www.amazon.com/Called-Out-Traded-Dream-Calling/dp/0764235435

Journeys of Faith Podcast Link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/id1440648196



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