124: Alison Cook, PhD

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124: Alison Cook, PhD

124: Alison Cook, PhD

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This week on the Thriving Beyond Belief podcast: Alison Cook, PhD

Alison Cook, MA, PhD is a counselor, speaker, and writer who helps people become comfortable in their own skin and fully live out their God-given potential. She is the co-author of Boundaries for Your Soul (Thomas Nelson, 2018). Alison is uniquely gifted at helping people learn how to:

  • Develop confidence from the inside out
  • Transform anxiety and loneliness into peace and connection with others
  • Turn off the internal negative voice and experience the true loving God who isn’t trying to beat you up
  • Heal lingering trauma from childhood wounds or abuse
  • Forge healthy relationships with safe individuals

For over 20 years, Alison has helped create transformative results for women, ministry leaders, couples, and families. Alison’s Christian adaptation of the fast growing, evidence-based Internal Family System (IFS) model of therapy provides a step-by-step approach to managing emotions in partnership with God. Prior to her work in counseling, Alison was a congressional aid on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. and taught at Phillips Exeter Academy, Denver Seminary, and the Wyoming State Girls’ School for adjudicated teens. Some of Alison’s most valuable life lessons were discovered while stage acting as a hobby.

Originally from Wyoming, Alison obtained a degree in history from Dartmouth College. She then earned her M.A. in counseling from Denver Seminary and a Ph.D. in religion and psychology from the University of Denver. Alison’s doctoral dissertation centered on the relationship between religion and prejudice. She is certified in Internal Family Systems Therapy.

Alison maintains a counseling practice in the greater Boston area that specializes in the integration of faith and psychology. She and her husband, Joe, have two teenage children and enjoy spending time with extended family in New England and Wyoming where they ski, hike, and fly-fish as often as they can.

So can I really turn my emotions into allies?

  1. Do we all have overwhelming thoughts and feelings?
  2. How do I deal with negative emotions?
  3. How do I know an emotion has gotten extreme? How do emotions affect my actions and behaviors and the people I love?
  4. What does it mean to set boundaries with thoughts and feelings?
  5. In your book, you walk through 5 steps to turning your overwhelming thoughts and feelings into your greatest allies. Briefly, what are they?
  6. You mention turning anger into an ally. How can this be? What does that look like? Sound like?
  7. What about anxiety?  fear? envy? etc?
  8. How can I communicate with my loved one (spouse, child, friend) about what I’m feeling without blowing up the relationship?



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