102: Shannon Stewart-Ratliff

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102: Shannon Stewart-Ratliff

102: Shannon Stewart-Ratliff

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The first weekend in October at the Influence Her Conference 2019 near Sacramento, CA, I had the honor to speak alongside my friend Shannon Stewart Ratliff, Cheryl Broderson and Grace Broderson at Metro Calvary Church in Roseville, CA! We loved our time there and the amazing women we were able to speak into and meet!

This week on the Thriving Beyond Belief, I am playing the talk that Shannon did called  “Finding Yourself In A Selfie World.”

Her name is Shannon and she is head over heels in love with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Without Him she is nothing, but with Him, she is royalty-a King’s daughter, and she has a future and a hope. I do like cool, pretty pictures, but her desire when you visit her site is that you smell the love of Christ.

She’s a small-town girl, from Franklin, Ohio. Most of her childhood days were filled with her mom taking them to church, playing sports, traveling on vacation, and her trying to become a supermodel. Ha!

Her talk is so inspiring, encouraging, and life-giving! DO NOT MISS IT!



  • Shannon wanted #1’s in her life, but God gave her #2’s
  • It was the Lord that gave Shannon:
  • Strength in weakness
  • Courage in sorrow
  • Comfort in pain
  • Truth in Loving Power!

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