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014: Amber Massey

1024 683 Thriving Beyond Belief

Today on the TBB podcast my guest is Amber Massey.  I have known Amber for about seven years and met she and her husband before they had any of their darling kids! Amber has a strong walk with the Lord, is married to Jordan, and together they have 4 kids (all under the age of 4 years old). I am so inspired by her story.

Amber started a blog called PB&J Babes soon after she got married.  Over the years her blog has grown and inspired so many. She shares personal stories about marriage, infertility, miscarriage, and thru her blog has become transparent and vulnerable to her readers about real life!  

In our interview, Amber shares with me how she has learned to open up, be vulnerable, and stop being fearful of having to be perfect. We talk about thriving and that when she feels overwhelmed with her everyday life, she is encouraged and uplifted by the comments readers leave on her blog. Some advice Amber gives her readers is that finding an outlet to talk to others is one of the best ways to stay encouraged, and also to become an encourager to those around you.

On The Massey Spot check out the amazing gift guides for Christmas she just posted on her blog!  Her guides include one for women, one for your guy, and several for the kids; I’ve included the links here at The Ultimate Christmas Gift Guide. Pop on over to check them out!

Actually, there are so many 2017 Christmas Gifts Guides out there,  I’ve included a few from some of our previous guests, Lauren Scruggs Kennedy and Jamie Ivey. You can find Lauren’s at Lauren Scruggs Kennedy and Jamie Ivey Gift Guide 2017  for Jaime’s!

Don’t forget to listen to last week’s episode with Mona Corwin at Balanced MomLife for some guidance and wisdom for moms. We also talk about marriage! Don’t miss it!

Here’s my interview with Amber Massey.



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011: Jamie Ivey

1024 683 Thriving Beyond Belief

My interview this week is with Jamie Ivey. Jamie hosts a podcast called The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey, she lives in Austin, TX, is a wife to Aaron, and together they have four kids under the age of 13.

On the podcast this week I want to focus on an incredible book Jamie just finished writing entitled If You Only Knew: My Unlikely, Unavoidable Story of Becoming Free.  Her book is scheduled to be released January 2018.  

In this book, she is honest, vulnerable, and raw with personal stories about her walk from failure to freedom.  Jamie travels and speaks to so many women and has learned that our stories, when seen through the eyes of the gospel, are not the obstacles to our freedom, they are the key to unlocking our freedom!

We talk about the enormous fear she faced being afraid people would know the real “Jamie:” could she step into a marriage, be a pastor’s wife, lead youth, but inside be completely unsure if God even loved her?  

As her story unfolds, she shares how God kept pursuing her and only through the grace of God, she began to change and learn to truly have an intimate relationship with Him.

Jamie challenges women to ask themselves; are you fearful others will only see you for things you’ve done, not what Jesus has done in you?

Here’s my interview with Jamie Ivey.



Book: If You Only Knew: My Unlikely, Unavoidable Story of Becoming Free

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009: Lauren Green McAfee

1024 683 Thriving Beyond Belief

Today on the TBB podcast today my guest is Lauren Green McAfee.

I met Lauren at a retreat called The Refuge! It was a relaxing time to connect and listen to the stories of women leaders from across the country.

Lauren is committed to Jesus, is married to her high school sweetheart Michael, and is originally from Oklahoma City, OK. She acquired a masters degree from Liberty University in pastoral counseling and is currently serving as the Director of Community Engagement for the soon to open Museum of the Bible in Washington DC. In addition, she is a Corporate Ambassador for Hobby Lobby and in her spare time, is working toward a PHD in ethics and policy.

In our interview, Lauren shares how she would define the word thrive. In her experience,  “Seasons change in our lives and we need to maximize our potential as we move through these times. Thriving in one season might look completely different as each season changes.”

We talk about ways to grow our faith, become accountable, develop discipline, and learn to create healthy boundaries in relationships.

Lauren is truly such an inspiration and has an interesting perspective on vulnerability.   She chooses to “lean in”  to others and has found courage and confidence in sharing her heart. We talk about significant events that have shaped who she is today and how they have helped her continue to live out her faith.

Here’s my interview with Lauren Green McAfee.




Upcoming Event Grand Opening of the Museum of the Bible
                                                  3 Blocks South of the U.S. Capitol
                                                            November 17, 2017
                                                          Museum of the Bible
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004: Lauren Chandler

1024 683 Thriving Beyond Belief

Today on the podcast is Lauren Chandler….

Lauren is a wife and mother of three.  Her husband Matt serves as the lead teaching pastor at The Village Church in Dallas, TX.

Lauren is passionate about writing, music, and leading worship.

As I began my interview with Lauren, she painted a visual picture of a rooted tree. She talks about how incredibly important it is to be rooted in who she is in Christ – living her life out of that sure relationship and knowing she is loved by Him!

She describes how roots are strong, even enough to break up concrete, and if we are rooted deeply we will not easily be taken out by scorching heat, wind, or unexpected storms.

Lauren and I talk about how she defines the word thrive and how she has felt vulnerable at times in her life.  She shares how sometimes “her life feels a little lop-sided in some areas” and describes the “staples and immovable rocks” she has in place in her life that are solid and real.

As we move through the conversation, Lauren shares a real struggle she faced for years, but was afraid to share because she is a pastor’s wife.   She wrestled with being truly vulnerable, but she wanted to overcome the voice in her head that kept telling her “I know I’ll be good enough if or when I’m perfect.” She had finally had enough of herself and went to Celebrate Recovery. It was there that she began her journey to true freedom in Christ.

Finally, we talk about parenting, being a wife, and learning to be gracious.  She describes how in Proverbs 27:17  “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another”.  In her marriage, she felt at times like a “damp rag” and it wasn’t until she began to face her fears, and admit she isn’t perfect, that she could become iron for her husband Matt.

Lauren has just released a new book & Bible Study calledSteadfast Love” which is a meditation on Psalm 107.  The book describes four groups of people in distress; some in a desert, some caught in chains, some who have made foolish decisions, and some caught in storms which suddenly overtakes them. In this study, she weaves in how God’s people overcame these life challenges and saved them all.

Here’s my interview with Lauren Chandler……




Upcoming Event – IF:PRAY 2017
What:  The purpose of IF:PRAY is to gather women from around the world in prayer. We believe God hears and answers prayers, and we want our focus to be a time of seeking the Lord in this way in our communities. We live-stream this event so women around the world can join in at the same time from right where they are.
When: Thursday, September 28, 2017
Time: 7:30-9:30pm CST

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