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Jordan Lee Duley
083: Jordan Lee Dooley
1024 620 Thriving Beyond Belief

I got to spend an hour with one of my favorite people for this week’s episode of Thriving Beyond Belief: Jordan Lee Dooley! Wife, speaker, soon-to-be author (and fellow Enneagram…

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Dr. Will Cole on Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs
082: Dr. Will Cole
1024 575 Thriving Beyond Belief

Please give a warm welcome to a rare guest I have on Thriving Beyond Belief- a man! This week’s episode, I get to speak with Dr. Will Cole about all…

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Jenny Randle
081: Jenny Randle
1024 698 Thriving Beyond Belief

Super excited to have Jenny Randle on the Thriving Beyond Belief podcast today! As a speaker, author and creative ninja, Jenny Randle believes deeply in the power of story. At the age…

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2018 Gwen Smith Head Shot Horizontal
080: Gwen Smith
1024 576 Thriving Beyond Belief

Gwen Smith’s tagline on her website says her purpose is “helping women know and trust God more”. After today’s episode of Thriving Beyond Belief, you will have no doubt that…

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079: Jessica Smartt
1024 682 Thriving Beyond Belief

Memory Making Mom I’m super excited to have Jessica Smartt with me today on the Thriving Beyond Belief podcast! Jessica Smartt is a former English teacher turned homeschooling mama of…

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078: Melanie Dale
1024 548 Thriving Beyond Belief

Today I am thrilled to have Melanie Dale on the podcast with me today! Melanie’s life has been anything but what she expected- leading her to a ministry opportunity she…

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077: Toni J. Collier
1024 576 Thriving Beyond Belief

Toni Collier is a communicator, host and consultant at North Point Ministries (founded by Andy Stanley), on-camera personality at The reThink Group, Fellowship of Christian Athletes public school speaker and…

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076: Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith
768 1023 Thriving Beyond Belief

Today’s podcast may be about rest, but the last thing it will do is put you to sleep! Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith brings such an insightful perspective on what rest truly…

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075: Debra Fileta
1024 571 Thriving Beyond Belief

I welcome Debra Fileta to this week’s episode of Thriving Beyond Belief! Debra is a wife, mother of three, and a licensed professional counselor, specifically dealing with relationship-focused issues. She…

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074: Kaitlin Wernet
1024 682 Thriving Beyond Belief

Kaitlin Wernet joins me today on Thriving Beyond Belief and has such an amazing word for us today. Kaitlin is a storyteller surrendered to hope. Forever passionate about holding the…

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073: Valorie Burton
509 763 Thriving Beyond Belief

Welcome with me today Valorie Burton on this week’s episode of Thriving Beyond Belief! Valorie is a wife, mother, and writer. She became a writer out of a prayer for…

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072: Marriage Episode: Jeff & Cheryl Scruggs with Gerard & Jeannie Long
576 488 Thriving Beyond Belief

We don’t get to do this very often on Thriving Beyond Belief, but when we do it’s one of my absolute favorite things! COUPLES INTERVIEW!! Today, we bring back Gerard…

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Ellie Holcombe
071: Ellie Holcomb
1024 677 Thriving Beyond Belief

Today I have a lovely friend of mine on Thriving Beyond Belief: Ellie Holcomb! Living in sweet Nashville, Tennessee, Ellie is a musician, wife of a musician, mother, author, and…

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070: Judy Pogue
1024 680 Thriving Beyond Belief

I am thrilled to have Judy Pogue on this week’s episode of Thriving Beyond Belief! From thriving at any age to princesses, to world missions, we discuss a gamut of…

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069: Gerard and Jeannie Long
1024 683 Thriving Beyond Belief

Today I have two very special people with me on Thriving Beyond Belief, Gerard and Jeannie Long! The Longs have an incredible story of walking through the highest of mountain tops…

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