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March 2018

029: Jordan Lee Dooley

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Today on the podcast my guest is Jordan Lee Dooley.  Jordan is married to Matt Dooley, they currently live in Indiana, and have a Goldendoodle pup named Hoosier.

Jordan Lee organically founded a ministry SoulScripts, during her college days at Indiana University. Jordan would doodle scripture on paper and canvas as a way to memorize verses, but didn’t realize that God would take this simple gesture and create a full-time ministry.  As the ministry has grown, today Jordan travels across the country speaking to women on college campuses encouraging them to grow in their faith and step into their purpose. I love a comment Jordan made during our interview, “When we follow Jesus, we get to walk in His glory, but we are also called to walk in the gory stuff.”

In this interview we talk about thriving and what thriving means to her.  Jordan feels right now she is thriving in community, but finds herself not thriving in remembering to see herself the way God sees her; it’s something she continually works on.

Over the past few years as Jordan has spoken to so many women in her generation she  has learned that vulnerability is the key to overcoming brokenness, and you will thrive when you move beyond your brokenness. She is passionate about helping women realize not to let your identity be shaped by mistakes, pain, or circumstances.

A hot topic in our culture today is social media and we talked about the ways social media can be a blessing and a tool or can be a burden.  Social media is a lifestyle choice, a balance and an art, and it takes effort to keep this in check. On this topic, Jordan asks women to pray about whether social media is your default, and if you use this as an escape in your marriage or in your relationships. Take the time to become aware of how this is affecting you and others around; it can be life changing.

Jordan passionately mentors women about how to be real, find self-awareness, share raw emotions, and develop a heart to be in a relationship with Jesus. She wants you to know Jesus is there for you and that He made the way for us to be redeemed and healed by giving His life for us.

Finally, we talk about how to do life on a daily basis when life is so busy.  First, Jordan blocks out time throughout the day to be with the Holy Spirit, she makes people a priority, and finally Jordan is intentional about stewarding the body God gave her.  Focusing on these three things helps bring a sense of balance to her life.

In February 2019, Jordan has a new book coming out and although the title has not been revealed, the book will focus on identifying your brokenness, but not identifying with it so that you can live out your God given purpose. I can’t wait to get a copy when it comes out!

Grab your coffee and enjoy my interview with Jordan Lee Dooley.


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Nicole Zasowski

028: Nicole Zasowski

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Today my guest on the podcast is Nicole Zasowski.  Nicole is married to Jimmy, they have a two year old son and currently live in Connecticut.  Nicole is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Connecticut where she has a private practice. She earned her BA in Psychology from Pepperdine University and her Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Fuller Theology Seminary School of Psychology. In addition to her practice, Nicole serves as a Restoration Therapist and Trainer several times a year at  The Hideaway Experience an intensive marriage retreat at WinShape Retreat Center in Rome, Georgia.  She cherishes her time with these couples and feels that she has “a front row seat to God’s miracles and in ninety-six hours gets to see the transformation in so many couples lives.”

In our interview Nicole shares with me the challenges she faced as she and her husband made a major move across the country, how she has began removing idols from her life, their struggle with infertility, and how she has learned that when God calls us to do something He will equip us and give us what we need.

As a Marriage and Family Therapist, Nicole talks about two common themes many women face today, loneliness and performance. She understands that many women do not recognize they are in “performance mode” or that they are in pain (loneliness).

Are you in “performance mode” and what do you do when you are in pain?  Nicole has outlined four common coping behaviors many women experience and encourages you to reach out to someone if you have these feelings.

  • Shaming yourself
  • Controlling everything and others around you
  • Blaming others and getting really angry
  • Escaping or numbing out of life with addictive behaviors

In conclusion, Nicole and I talk about the keys to a healthy marriage and relationships.  I love what she says, “Nothing changes if nothing changes and we each must own our own stuff for this to ever happen.”

I hope you gain wisdom from this interview, and find peace in knowing that you can become vulnerable and you don’t need to cover the cracks and scars in your life. Let God’s light into those cracks which then become beacons of light.

Grab your coffee and enjoy my interview with Nicole Zasowski.


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027: Roma Downey

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I have the immense pleasure of having Roma Downey join me today on Thriving Beyond Belief!

From humble beginnings in Ireland and losing her mother at a young age to being a coat check girl in New York to being America’s favorite voice of hope in Touched by an Angel, Roma’s story rivals that of the films that she now produces through her production company, Light Workers.

Roma’s definition of thriving is the picture of a life of overflow and abundance. We discuss that this doesn’t necessarily mean that life is always easy or that everything goes our way, but that from the struggle, you can see the blessing. We have fullness of life, and thrive from all of the experiences we have in life.

It was a blessing to speak with her about her new book that just came out on March 6th. Box of Butterflies is about discovering the unexpected blessings all around us. Roma even shares that butterflies have been a beautiful symbol from the Lord all her life that He is faithful, no matter the circumstance.

We also talk on being empty nesters and the journey we take with our children as they grow up. We discuss the amazing opportunity her and her husband have of being able to work together (and how I can relate to that!), and all the adventures that entails. Roma shares her unforgettable time on the set of “Touched by an Angel”, where she gained a mentorship and mother figure that impacted her life forever. She also speaks on what kind of stories her production company, Light Workers, wants to put out for the world. Roma and her husband have a burden to share stories of hope and goodness to a world and industry so filled with the opposite.

My favorite time we had speaking, though, was about our faith. Roma discusses feeling the closest with the Lord in her early morning time with Him in nature. Nature seems to bring her communion with the Lord and perspective on matters in her life. We all must see the importance of communicating our gratitude with the Lord, because when we aren’t in a state of gratefulness, we forget all the Lord has done for us!


Grab some coffee, find a comfy chair, and take a listen as I speak with Roma Downey.

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Kathie Lee Gifford

026: Kathie Lee Gifford

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I am super excited to have my friend, Kathie Lee Gifford, back on the podcast! She was first on Thriving Beyond Belief last September as we talked about Jesus, her faith, her new book coming out, her hubby Frank and much more!

Kathie Lee is a talented and gifted woman who loves Jesus more than life. She co-hosts with Hoda on NBC”s 10 am hour on The Today Show which bring viewers a fresh, lively show that always gets people talking!

I am so excited to have a conversation about her new book, The Rock, the Road, and the Rabbi: My Journey into the Heart of Scriptural Faith and the Land Where It All Began which just released yesterday, March 6th! We go into depth about this incredible book so you don’t want to miss what she has to say and how going deeper into the study of the Scriptures will help you thrive!

Kathie Lee Gifford has enjoyed a diverse and successful four-decade career as a television host, actress, singer, playwright, songwriter, and author. Though best known for her 15 years on Regis and Kathie Lee (11 Emmy nominations), and currently acting as the three-time Emmy-winning co-host of the fourth hour of the Today Show with Hoda Kotb, Gifford has always pursued projects which inspire and challenge her.

Gifford devotes much of her time to the Association to Benefit Children, which spawned the Cody Foundation. The resources from the Association continue to support Cody House and Cassidy’s Place. Cody House provides a transitional home for infants and children who have severe disabilities and serious medical problems. Named for Gifford’s daughter, Cassidy’s Place is the home of the Association to Benefit Children’s (ABC) national children advocacy.

Here is my interview with my sweet friend, Kathie Lee Gifford

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